domenica 26 luglio 2015

I am writing to the people proud to be mentally ill...

Everybody suffers.

it’s a natural phenomenon and pain is part of our life. As well as is anger, joy, emptiness, euphoria and other million different sensations. To label a natural human feeling as a mental illness or disorder is an unnatural extirpation of our dignity and rights as human beings. Please, please don’t just stop reading now.

This is what Psychiatry does: letting you believe you’re ill just for feeling things, hearing voices or act in your personal way. Do you like things to be neat in your life? You have OCD and here’s your medication (and my parcel). Are you a lively active being getting bored easily? You are now diagnosed with ADHD and enojoy your pill for this. Sounds crazy but that’s how psychiatric diagnosis works, by statistics.

The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) is the system most used by psychiatrists to determine and summarize mental disorders. It doesn’t take count of the patient’s life history and is founded on objective statistical basis. They basically decide whether a behaviour it’s an illness or not by the show of hands. It is also used by insurance companies to determine coverage. Please google it and read how it works, find out that is not based on the subjectivity of patient.

Unfortunately many people find reassuring the thought of being ill, find romantic taking medications and describing themselves as the disorder box they’ve been put into. I find this sad and unnatural. Nobody needs to feel ill to feel comforted.

Obviously they’d feel disgusted, offended and extremely angry if anyone calls their illness into discussion, saying that ‘mental illness doesn’t exist’ or that 'psychiatrists are not real doctors’. It’s an usual reaction, they’d feel unrespected, they’d feel like their pain is not considered seriously, that their feelings are not believed. That’s not what I think, pain is real and so is desperation, fear and so on. What I’m here to say is that to really love and respect yourself you should never trust a discipline that, every year, creates new deseases according to trends and to society needs. You should never entrust your life completely into psychiatrists’ hands. YOU should determine yourself, not a desease. YOU should find out what’s good for you, what is the basis of your pain and then what makes you feel better. Medications are indeed drugs, and the fact that child prescription is growing fast should really alarm you about this. Children are free and don’t need medication for their behaiviour, there’s no doubt about it. You would never let your child take drugs, so why psychiatric medications?

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